About Perigee Outdoor

Perigee, or supermoon, is a bigger and brighter full moon. The supermoon is the name that is used to describe the new moon when it is nearest the earth in its orbit around the earth. The scientific term for this phenomenon is "perigee moon".

Perigee Outdoor is more then a shirt or piece of technical equipment. Perigee Outdoor is a state of mind, to become the best at what you do, it comes with study and practice.

Perigee moons affects the tide and the water, and fishing is about understanding how these elements affect the fish we are trying to catch. Fisherman for years have understood that the moon cycle can mean great success or failure. Some would stay home during a full moon, those embracing the Perigee state of mind and master their passions are rewarded.

A portion of our profits will be donated to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a world leader in ocean science. Its a simple concept, clean water and sound ocean policy means better fishing for future generations.